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Danny Decker

Drafting technician

Danny Decker is the Drafting Technician for DB Structural Design. He grew up in Clearfield, Utah, and is the older brother of Co-Owner of DB Structural Design Nate Decker.  Danny graduated from high school in 2006, and from there started his first job as a custodian. After moving on from there, he worked for Sam’s Club where he worked nights and operated forklifts, then moved to Wal-Mart as an Inventory Management Associate. While working for Wal-Mart, Danny also was an assembler for a contracting company for Home Depot, and assembled their seasonal home and garden equipment, including wheelbarrows, tillers, grills, etc. This helped him get used to working with hand tools and power tools. In his last few years at Wal-Mart, he started working in the Tire Lube Express, performing oil changes, and tire replacements, balances, and rotations. This launched his interest in working on vehicles.

After leaving Wal-Mart, Danny decided to move into a different field of work, after having worked on vehicles, and started working as a Lube Technician for Nissan. As time moved forward, Danny was given the opportunity to advance, and was sent to training to become a certified Nissan Technician, working on repairs and diagnosis. Danny worked for Nissan as a technician for 8 years, when he was offered a job as a Draft Technician for DB Structural Design.

Danny Decker
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